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Skype counselling was dreamed up while I was spending time overseas.  I had just qualified as a Counsellor and I was eager to set up my practice.  While living in shared accommodation in Venice, California, I met a young English woman who is just as passionate about her carer as I am about mine.  She is a life coach who counsels clients each day via Skype.  The process works well for both her and her clients, she is able to continue her travels while her clients always have access to her confidential counsel and encouragement.  At the time, I relished the idea of continuing my own travels and being able to launch my practice at the same time.  When plans changed, I returned home and found myself thinking about the need for Skype counselling within Australia - a vast country made up of big cities and outback towns in which the challenges of time and distance are major factors respectively.  It is my sincerest wish that through confidential Skype counselling those who desire Counselling no longer have to view limited free time and extensive travel as obstacles.


FaceTime, telephone and one to one counselling is also available. Please see details on the COUNSELLING page in the menu above.


If you would like to know more contact me on 0401026695 at butterflycounsellingpractice@gmail.com, clair@butterflycounsellingpractice.com or use the CONTACT page in the menu above. I will get back to you ASAP.